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All the Astrophotography on this site was taken with a Canon SD1100IS! (EOS Section coming soon!)
Yes, that's the Andromeda Galaxy you can barely see at the bottom of this image.  It is actually about as long as the vertical pair of bright stars off to it's left, but that area is too difuse for the amount of data I collected for this shot.  But, hey, this SD1100 is a $200 point and click. 
This made me feel a lot better about my wimpy Andromeda.  The smudge in these images is M33, also called the Triangulum Galaxy, for the constellation it is near, or the Pinwheel Galaxy.  The latter is also the name of a galaxy near the Big Dipper, which is bigger, but at least as hard as M33 to see. The third picture, believe it or not, is the unprocessed original.  (Except for cropping it out of the 3264 x 2448 original, of course.)
This star cluster is NGC 752.  There are around 60 stars in the cluster which is some 3420 light years away!  The red arrow is my proof that this cam will get past 9 magnitude.  CyberSky4 lists that little smudge at mag. 9.17!

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