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Astronomy Resources Details About the Links Below
Telescope Magnafication and Field of View Calculator
Water Vapor Maps
Nice Moon Phase Calendar!
Fort Wayne Astronomical Society (Indiana)
weather.com for your zip code
All the Astrophotography on this site was taken with a Canon SD1100IS! (EOS Section coming soon!)
Telescope Magnafication and Field of View Calculator
A very useful tool when buying eyepieces.
weather.com for your zip code
I find the weekend outlook, 10 day forecast and especially the hour by hour links to be especially helpful for planning astronomy outings, even if I am only going to the back porch.  Just put in your zip code, click the findlocation button, select a category (I picked Home Planner), and click Save Changes (I don't know if the demographic info is required, it's just gender and year of birth, so I just gave it).  That will take you to your local weather page which you can bookmark for future visits.
Water Vapor Maps
Sometimes when the forecast is for clear skies and you don't see any clouds you may still not have the best visibility.  This link to the NOAA website has maps for the east US, west US, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.  The visible map, of course, is useless at night, but the water vapor map is useful 24 hours a day.  It is always about an hour behind, but if you click on the movie link you get a 3.5 hour loop so you can have an idea of what is heading your way.  There are actually two links for animated loops.  If you use the one I have pointed to with the red arrow there is also a zoom button; click that and then click your location in the map and it will zoom in to that area. 

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