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All the Astrophotography on this site was taken with a Canon SD1100IS! (EOS Section coming soon!)
NEW:  reprocessed version of Cygnus, using techniques I learned with my new cam.    Click here (or on the pic) for the full 1920 x 1200 jpg.   ONLY 603 Kb!!!.

Tech Specs for the jpegs:   182 frames* of 15 seconds at ISO 1600. (*Based on file name on old data.  Did not restack.)  Stacked with DeepSkyStacker.
NEW:  The constellation Cygnus the Swan, also known as the Northern Cross.  The next few shots are details from the original copy of this this.  Click here for the full 2929 x 1923 jpeg (without the lines).  View it full size and scroll through it!  ONLY 5Mb!!!.
Note: the colors are not so saturated in the jpeg, this was the only way to make it visible on the web.

Tech Specs for the jpegs:   68 frames of 15 seconds at ISO 1600.  Stacked with DeepSkyStacker.

Grey Scale Cygnus Heavily Processed Grey Cygnus
NEW:  Two Grey scale Cygnus portraits (above).  Click either one for a 1920x1200 wide screen format version.  I find it remarkable how many different looks one can get from the same cam data.  There is no limit to the number of ways you can process an image.
Tech Specs for the jpegs:   68 frames of 15 seconds at ISO 1600.  Stacked with DeepSkyStacker.

The region from Albiero (the foot of the cross or head of the swan) almost up to Sadr.  Albiero is the bright one with the arrow at the lower right.  The other arrows point at the following star clusters identified in CyberSky 4:
NGC 6834
Stock 1
NGC 6823
NGC 6830
Skymap 19500016 mag 9.92
Roslund 4 (but you have to WANT to see it)
NGC 6883
Buir 2
NGC 6871
The x is Basel 6, which did not register.  Some others are hard to find   1600 x 2367 version

Deneb, with the tail feathers of Cygnus above it and Sadr. ( from the Cygnus image at the top).  1920 x 1210 version
Same as above, but a lot less saturation of the colors.  1920 x 1210 version

The red blue double star Albiero, from the Cygnus shot above.  From a previous stack - 38 frames of 15 seconds at ISO 200.

The Coathanger Cluster, from the Cygnus shot above (rotated).  From a previous stack - 38 frames of 15 seconds at ISO 200.


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