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All the Astrophotography on this site was taken with a Canon SD1100IS! (EOS Section coming soon!)
The constrellation Perseus, in the Milky Way(click for a larger view without lines).  Details from this image are below.
The Alpha Persei Moving Cluster is located in the left armpit (if you tilt your head to the right) of the pointy headed Perseus shown in the first picture.
Between Perseus and Cassiopeia we find these clusters.  The brightest star in the pic above and the little ones near it are H Persei, the cluster directly above H is Chi Persei, and the large, faint X shape at the right side of the image is the Muscle Man Cluster. 
This little gem, barely half a degree wide, is the M34 open cluster located below Perseus' belly (In front of him if he's walking).
Andromeda's feet
This whole area located below Perseus' belly (In front of him if he's walking) and around Andromeda's feet is rife with asterisms, or what I call mini constellations.  Click to see the big picture 1556 x 844, 163 K file size.

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