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Telescope Magnafication and Field of View Calculator
Water Vapor Maps
Nice Moon Phase Calendar!
Fort Wayne Astronomical Society (Indiana)
weather.com for your zip code
All the Astrophotography on this site was taken with a Canon SD1100IS! (EOS Section coming soon!)
I caught this plane in three consecutive shots, so I cut and pasted, and suddenly it looked like forensic evidence.
You may have to crank up your screen brightness to see the streaks of the plane.  The last one is chopped off at the bottom of the left edge of the pic.
Constellation Portraits :
Aquila Portrait and Details
Andromeda Details
Cygnus Portraits and Details
Hercules Portraits and Details.
Lyra Portraits and Details
Cassiopeia Portrait and Details
Perseus Portrait and Details
Various Smaller Constrllations
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This is a detail from a star portrait of Hercules and Lyra.  The 20 arcminute cluster at the top right of this image only filled a 30 pixel wide square in the original 3264 x 2448 image.  I cropped it out of the image and pasted it as a new image, and my jaw almost fell off of my face.  I liked this image quite well when it looked all blocky, but I think this looks like an impressionist painting.  The star on the far left in the wide screen version is a phony, copied from it's neighbor..  I may go back and doctor it further later, and restore the red of the star that turned white from all the saturation I had added to the image.
old format  wide screen

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