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Astronomy and Astrophotography
Found Poems--Reasons I'm glad my camera is so small.
All these photos were taken with a Canon SD1100IS point and click.  (See my Amazon Affiliate link in the Astrophotography section.)
Most have not been altered except for cropping and scaling (and a couple of saturation boosts on sun sets).  Other alterations will be noted.

My son Pete texting on his iPhone, with Jupiter and the Teapot asterism in Saggitarius behind him.

The 122nd fighter jets were playing tag while I was outside at work, and drew my attention to this bite sized rainbow bit.

This one I saturated the color and brushed out a car from the parking lot.

This one I saturated the color and brushed out all the nearby electric lines and extended the fence.

This one I saturated the color and brushed out the glaring lights on the side of the building.

The star Vega through the clouds on my back porch.

The clouds on my back porch.  These two shots were shot about an hour after sunset, this one facing SW, the other straight up.  I love the blue the cam pulls out on these long exposures.